More information about topics I’ve mentioned

If you’re new and need some catching up, or are interested in learning more about anything I briefly mentioned in a post, here are a few links:

The USCGC Healy

The Healy

GEOTRACES is an international program studying the cycling of trace metals and isotopes in the marine environment. More about GEOTRACES here:

The U.S.Coast Guard Cutter Healy is the newest Coast Guard ice breaker. It is 128 m long, and cruises at 12.5 knots. It can break up to 1.4 meters at 3 knots, and 2.4 m while backing and ramming. To learn more about the Healy and other Coast Guard ships, click on this link:

This year, the Arctic Ocean experienced its maximum ice cover two weeks early, continuing the trend of declining Arctic sea ice. The New York Times wrote an article discussing this topic, which can be read here

PolarTREC is a unique opportunity for K-12 teachers to work with scientists to better integrate polar science into the classroom curriculum.

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