The things I’m [sort of] carrying

After I tell people about my upcoming trip to the Arctic, I usually get asked how to prepare for such a voyage. I get asked about what I’m packing, what I’ll wear etc.

One of the many nice aspects of going to Seattle in June was that I was able to prepack most of my clothes. I can safely say that in the middle of the hot and humid Ohio summer, I haven’t missed my snow pants one bit. I didn’t have to buy a lot of new clothes because Minnesota winters have stocked my wardrobe with cold weather gear. I did purchase some new footwear for the trip, including rubber boots with reinforced toes for when I’m working on deck, and also some bunny boots. Bunny boots are extreme cold weather boots made by the US military for soldiers fighting in the Korean War. They are white rubber boots with an inch of wool and felt insulation between two layers of rubber. They are rated to -60 °F. Other gear I purchased includes: fancy gloves and mittens and also some glacier goggles.

I also packed some food in my Seattle-bound duffel bag. Knowing that I’ll be working long hours, I packed a plethora of instant coffee and tea. I love chocolate, so I packed a lot of that too. Some candied ginger made it in my bag because ginger is supposed to help with motion sickness. I also included other dried fruits for when we run out of fresh produce. After seeing some of the food the other scientists packed for Seattle, when I returned to Dayton I picked up some microwavable mac and cheese and lots of granola bars, which make up a big portion of my carry on for tomorrow’s flight. Good thing I don’t have to pack too many clothes!

For leisure time, I’ve packed some books, DVDs and card games. I also downloaded the premium version of Spotify for 3 months for 99 ¢, which has allowed me to download as much music as my phone can hold. So that was probably the best 99 ¢ I’ve ever spent.

That’s all for now, I need to finish packing my mac and cheese for my flights tomorrow!

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